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Team building' is the process of enabling that group of people to work together to reach their goal. We can organize various types of indoor & outdoor activities in different venues.

Quad Biking
Go Carting
Mountain climbing

Team Activities, such as:
Physical Brain Teasers (The team are given problems to solve)
Water in the tube
Human Table Football
Spiders web
Pyramids Building

Individually-focused team activities
Donkey driving (You can play the role of shepherd or sheepdog. Herding a stubborn donkey into a pen could be good training for management)
Blind Driving (One person is blindfolded and then put in the driver's seat. Other team colleagues provide instructions on how to get from the start of the course to the end)

If physical activity is a problem for some members of the group, then there are some outdoor pursuits that are less active, such as:
Treasure hunt
Making a video / movie
Hot air ballooning
Cooking , can be combined with shopping for local products.

Workshops enable a group to focus on a particular topic without interruption.
In many situations, the most effective type of workshop is one that involves everyone in forming collective goals or developing strategic or tactical plans.

Group games and exercises
Psychometrics or personality questionnaires
Business problem solving, or information exchange

Social events
These are often the most cost-effective form of team building activities, because they are low cost and high impact.

Here are some ideas for social events:
Evening meal/BBQ
Family picnic
Quiz nights

Charitable work
Achieving something worthwhile can help to unite the group even more, providing it is not too difficult a task and does not create too much pressure.

Changes to work practices
Having a day offsite or doing something that is fun may have a short term impact, but to improve communication, co-operation, etc. in the long term, you may need to introduce new work practices, such as:

Team meetings/Cascade briefings
Job swapping
Team newsletter (for larger teams)

Training and Development
It can be beneficial to combine team building activities with individual training. That is, the group receives training, but does so as a group.
Such courses could include:
Technical training

Our Services

Egypt Incentive & Events can suggest to you a variety of team building activities such as:

  • Treasure hunt.
  • Bedouin tent pitching challenge.
  • Orienteering with compass and map.
  • Fire starter challenge.
  • Cooking challenges.
  • Riding lessons.
  • Games on horseback or donkey.
  • Mini soccer challenge (or polo ground scrimmage).
  • Raft building.
  • Luxury desert safari.
  • Survival trekking.
  • Paint ball.
  • Rope courses.
  • Beach games.
  • Team building during boat trips.
If you are interested in one of our team building programs please contact us


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