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Increasingly, incentive participants are interested and keen on helping and being in touch with the local inhabitants of the countries they visit. CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is an important value for today's organizations and social tourism is a wonderful way to communicate the problems and concerns of the underprivileged. Encouraging a strong desire to help, to allow to feel the "other" and giving back to communities in need not only improves the participants understanding but the lives of those they help. Egypt Incentive & Events has developed a few specific program serving this purpose.

Half Day at the Om Dinar Project

Guests are transported to the Om Dinar Project which is located an hour outside of Cairo. For half a day (3 to 4 hours) our guests are actively engaged in a variety of activities such as:

  • Cleaning a certain area of the village.
  • Laying sweet clean water pipes.
  • Helping in the construction of the sewage system
  • Visiting elementary schools talking to the kids and offering them some gifts (no money, we shall guide you in this)
  • Sharing some sports activity in the youth center.
    (Similar activities can be proposed in other villages should the Om Dinar project be completed.)

Half Day Visit to a Shelter for Street Children

A 3 to 4 hour visit to one of the shelters for street children will give guests the opportunity to understand their problems and actively participate in their day to day lives, like medical visits, assisting them in the technical school activity, meals preparation, planting trees around the shelter, etc.

These shelters are also in need of various equipment, such as medical, technical school (carpentry, electricity, plumbing etc.), computers, clothes, etc. We can assist you with budget decisions in case you wish to make a donation.

Visit to an Orphanage

A half day visit to an orphanage will concentrate on education, activities, sports, technical training, etc. Since it is a mixed orphanage, they will be delighted to receive some presents like books (bring with you or buy locally), writing pads, pens, clothes, toys, dolls (they are really deprived of any kind of toys.) You can also improve on their day to day meal by suggesting the menu and paying the difference, clean and set up their sleeping quarters, and much more.


Village children


Orphanage in Sayidda Zeinab

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