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Egypt Panorama

Fayoum Oasis Art Festival September 2012

Al Fayoum is the largest oasis in Egypt is located 100 kilometers to the South West of Cairo. Fayoum is famous for its palm trees and magnificent greenery and plants scenes. The Fayoum was inhabited since prehistoric times. This is why it hosts many interesting monuments like the pyramids of Hawara, Lahun, and Lisht, the ancient city of Karanis, Madinet Madi, and the protected area of Wadi Al Rayan & the amazing whales valley .Tunis is a small hamlet located on the way to Wady Rayan, at the far end of Qaroun Lake. At the limit of desert land, located on a hill facing the lake, it has one of the most beautiful view in Egypt.

The Festival will be held mainly in Tunis village Artists, painters, writers, journalists and others, from Cairo and elsewhere from the world, have built mud-brick houses and contribute to the life of the village community. Villagers are partly settled Bedouin ,
Pottery schools for children which can be visited. They also host potters from all over the world.

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